The Boom in Mobile Data Usage – A Double-edged Sword

The widely reported concerns and complaints about congestion in broadband mobile networks in some countries illustrate the

What's in store for the iPad in South Africa?

Brian Neilson 

As Steve Jobs said at the launch, the team at Apple have pondered for years over whether there really is room in the market for a third form factor, and the iPad would have to be very good at some applications. Judging from the launch, it is difficult to say that they have focused on a few specific apps, because it seems to do just about everything, and the swarms of developers out there will make certain of that.

“Net Neutrality”: In the crossfire of politics, social values and disruptive technologies

“Net neutrality” has become a sound bite that conceals the diversity and complexity of the issues that it raises and the choices that it involves.

Martyn Roetter


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