TD-LTE: An Opportunity for South Africa?

TD-LTE – the unpaired version of the future dominant mobile broadband technology LTE – is poised to become the first time

Open Access LTE Network: Intriguing but not without Pitfalls

There are arguments with a significant economic and operational basis to justify interest in the idea of national wholesale

Mobile Data Traffic Volumes: Bubble or Tsunami?

The GSM Association has just released an independent report commissioned from Analysys Mason which found that spectrum

CDMA and EV-DO – Not Dead Yet

Although most publicity and headline grabbing stories in the mobile sector have focused on LTE versus WiMAX and the growth of

4G or 4Gery – A Plea for More Honesty about Mobile Performance

The use of the term “4G” by Cell C to describe its 900 MHz HSPA+ network has come in for considerable criticism in South Africa, not

Voice and LTE – What’s An Operator to Do?

LTE networks are being launched in some countries, while in others bid documents for spectrum in which LTE networks are to

South Africa Goes Its Own Way at 2.6GHz

ICASA has now finally announced or confirmed its spectrum plans for the 2.6GHz band in which four licenses of 30MHz will be

Mobile WiMAX and its Shrinking Ecosystem

Over the past months a series of events and decisions by leading wireless equipment suppliers raises doubts about which and how many among them will be devoting significant efforts and investments, and giving high priority to the development and commercialization of future generations of mobile WiMAX equipment beyond current TDD systems.

South Africa and the 2.6GHz Band Plan – Isolation or Harmonization

Martyn Roetter, July 24, 2009

South Africa has an opportunity through its allocation and attribution of spectrum in the valuable 2.6GHz band (2500-2690MHz) to become a broadband wireless pacesetter for its own economic and social benefit, as well as Africa’s.

Martyn Roetter


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