Mobile Data Traffic Volumes: Bubble or Tsunami?

The GSM Association has just released an independent report commissioned from Analysys Mason which found that spectrum

The Boom in Mobile Data Usage – A Double-edged Sword

The widely reported concerns and complaints about congestion in broadband mobile networks in some countries illustrate the

Mobile WiMAX and its Shrinking Ecosystem

Over the past months a series of events and decisions by leading wireless equipment suppliers raises doubts about which and how many among them will be devoting significant efforts and investments, and giving high priority to the development and commercialization of future generations of mobile WiMAX equipment beyond current TDD systems.

Reductions in Mobile Interconnection Rates in South Africa - When and How, Not Whether

Mobile interconnection rates in South Africa and consequently the prices of mobile telephone calls are unquestionably very high by international norms and practices, and well above the costs that c

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