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BMI-T Navigator is designed to provide objective, independent perspectives and judgments for business executives, investors, regulators and public policy makers, as well as ICT users on the alternative paths they may choose to follow and the ways in which they may best allocate finite resources. We recognize that uncertainty about the future is the only certainty. Undoubtedly some of what we present will not meet with agreement and will turn out to be wrong as events unfold.

Nevertheless by following the principle of objectivity and by being explicit about how we arrive at the findings and opinions we express, as well as prepared to revise or even reverse our opinions in light of new evidence, we will strive to clarify the essence of often multifaceted and controversial issues without fear or favour.

Latest Navigator Insight Article

Is an Open Access Wireless Network suitable for South Africa?

The idea of establishing a new open access wholesale-only wireless network (OAWN) has received significant attention in South Africa.

Martyn Roetter


Martyn Roetter is our primary Navigator contributor, supported by the team of South Africa-based BMI-T researchers and consultants

You can find his full CV here.

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