Consumer Market Strategy for Broadcaster

The client was a new entrant to the television broadcasting sector, having applied for a broadcast licence from Icasa.

As they were new to the market, their aim was to find out about the SA consumer market with regard to digital media such as satellite television, IPTV, digital music, online and mobile consumer habits and offerings and gated communities in order to build their business case for launching their new offerings to the market.

The Research Approach

BMI-T conducted extensive research into emerging digital media, both from a consumer and market perspective, to cover the requirements of the client.
The consumer survey covered the level of awareness, preferences and activities conducted in relation to PCs, cellphones, television, the internet, music and converged digital media devices.
The market analysis covered global and local adoption and trends with regards to digital media, suppliers in the market, content offered, market sizing and forecasts and regulatory issues.
This research provided a comprehensive view for the client about the status of emerging digital media in South Africa.

The Outcome of the Research

The client was able to use the research provided to determine which areas of the market were the most lucrative and also to tailor their offerings to the market.