Customised Lead Generation

Following their incorporation of another brand, the client, a leading player in the applications delivery solutions industry,

required to have a better understanding of the local market’s use of virtualisation and application delivery solutions.

They wanted to discern their position in the market, and obtain an idea of the level of brand awareness in the virtualisation and application delivery space, particularly. Identification of current and potential users of virtualisation and application delivery solutions was a further objective, and the client wished to round off the research with an event in which they could inform customers of their position in the market as well as generate leads.

The research methodology

The research instrument chosen was a telephonic survey using a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire screened respondents to include only those qualified to answer questions regarding virtualisation technology. After the screening process, the interview enquired about the level of the respondent’s adoption of virtualisation technology, and further probed their understanding of the technologies involved. A third component of the questionnaire focused on respondents’ perception of the client, measuring brand awareness and identifying competitors. Finally the respondents were asked whether they would be interesting in attending the planned event.

BMI-T generated an executive report presenting an analysis of the primary research, enriched by secondary desktop research undertaken by BMI-T’s analysts. The report provided content for a comprehensive presentation to be delivered at the client’s promotional event.

BMI-T further utilised the research to generate a list of interested and potential clients.

Approximately 60 of these attended a breakfast event in Johannesburg organised by BMI-T, and 40 attended a similar event in Cape Town. At the events BMI-T analysts presented selected findings of the research and the client gave an overview of the company, and presented a case study.

The outcome of the research

The client was able to meet, inform and identify new and potential customers, and generate new business leads. The market positioning information as well as brand awareness and company perception measurements, together with BMI-T’s consultative insights, facilitated the way forward for a broad range of marketing activities.