By BMI-T - Posted on 13 October 2015

A race is on to deploy fibre to the building (FTTB). BMI-T now has a mainstream BPO activity known as FibreSmart.

BMI-T is a leading market research and consultancy firm based in Johannesburg. In the past few years we have been very involved in various elements of the broadband market, supporting investments in both the fixed and wireless segments.

Given our research capabilities and known neutral position, a number of clients approached BMI-T for more detailed building and tenant identification and profiling. Some clients had run limited internal programmes but found their in-house approach to be inadequate. Consequently, in 2014, BMI-T undertook a pilot research project to develop an effective and efficient process. The pilot was successful and since then BMI-T has been further refining and rolling out the methodology.

The result is that in 2015 BMI-T now has a mainstream research activity known as FibreSmart.FibreSmart is being rolled out on a phased basis using a syndicated (multi-client) model. This process is tailored to the client’s needs with areas prioritised in consultation with the client, initially in Gauteng, but also in Cape Town and Durban.

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