Market Strategy Services

BMI-Techknowledge provides strategic and tactical consulting supporting both the development and implementation of your business strategy.

Our uniquely qualified, multidisciplinary team will help you to navigate a host of critical strategic decisions, including developing detailed strategies, defining and implementing marketing plans, assessing competitive forces, developing product and pricing strategies and evaluating joint ventures or acquisitions.

BMI-T conducts large scale research projects through our extensive primary and secondary research capabiliites. We have a long track recourd in business, conusmer and government market studies, which have informed the strategies of many of the largest players in the telecoms and IT industries. These primary research capabilities, coupled with our extensive knowledge base and highly experienced consulting team, positions BMI-T as the service provider of choice for market strategy services.

Through our constant and detailed analysis of markets, both on the service provisioning and consuming fronts, we can often provide on-the-spot the secondary data to inform the analysis required by our clients to make urgent strategic decisions. This data is also highly valued by many clients as part of their routine annual strategic review and budgeting cycles, especially when placed under extreme time pressure by their principals.

Our network of skilled and experienced analysts and consultants make use of all available information, and stand ready to advise clients on strategic choices and direction, in a bid to strategically position the client's company in the market place.

As a follow on to our information and advisory services, BMI-T stands ready and committed as a partner to "walk-the-talk" by assisting clients in implementing the chosen strategies. Our services range from assisting in detailed business plan development  to conducting internal workshops, and facilitating implementation of the strategic plan.

Your Advantage

By engaging BMI-T to play a role in your strategic planning process, you gain access to incisive  market information, consisting of extensive secondary and primary research - both published and specifically researched on a case-by-case basis - to ensure that our strategic recommendations  are in line with real world market dynamics.

As strategy advisor, BMI-T's role would be to employ our experience in identifying market opportunities and growth areas, driving more detail into your business plans, and testing the robustness of your assumptions. Key areas to be addressed include:

  • Identification of business and consumer trends
  • Strategic partnering research
  • Brand positioning and market entry
  • Marketing support
  • Target market opportunities
  • Product development and positioning
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Competitive positioning analysis
  • Channel segmentation and partnering

Our Expertise

Over the years BMI-T has informed, advised and assisted companies in different industries on strategic issues. Our target in these companies is the senior management level; it follows that the type of issues we address are high on the client's strategic agenda. Over the years we have given strategic advice to numerous clients both in and outside South Africa.


With our extensive track record and world class team of experienced consultants we ensure that the right skills are deployed to meet client expectations. BMI-T is able to offer a one stop solution through our own research and consulting resources, and if necessary by including specialist technical, legal or financial consultants in our local and global network.

BMI-T believes that a consulting team's attitude is as important as its skills. We are firmly committed to forging long-term a partnership with our clients, and will 'pull out all the stops' to demonstrate this commitment.


Case Studies: 

Consumer Market Strategy for Broadcaster

The client was a new entrant to the television broadcasting sector, having applied for a broadcast licence from Icasa.

Market strategy advisory service for a network operator

The client was a telecoms service provider in South Africa with research requirements around the marketing and development