Provincial Broadband Strategy and Network Plan

The client was the Department of Economic Development (DED) of one of South Africa’s largest provinces.

A strategy for the proposed provision of broadband services to the province was required, to include a detailed network and business plan.

The solution approach

This constituted a major project, in which BMI-T undertook an assessment of demand for broadband services throughout the province, surveying potential users.

A Baseline Study of telecoms assets was done. An Economic Impact Study (EIS) was completed, showing the economic benefits to the province of an investment in broadband. BMI-T mapped, via Google Earth, the entire province’s communications network, showing the fibre network down to city level detail, with every school and clinic mapped. This is the first time such mapping has been done in South Africa.

BMI-T designed a fibre network for the province, and produced a detailed network rollout plan on behalf of the client. The multi-billion rand project included full details of capex, opex and staffing. In addition key Financing Strategies were developed, taking into account the PFMA and Treasury Rules applicable.

The outcome

BMI-T created a coherent strategy and complete project rollout to serve the province’s broadband needs, giving the provincial government a solid factual base for their proposed broadband provision.