Public Sector

BMI-T's expertise in the public sector includes both public sector as an ICT user and public sector as a client for BMI-T.  

Public Sector as an ICT customer

BMI-T provides research and consulting in terms of covering ICT spend, sizing and trends analysis for the Public Sector. We provide insight into government ICT trends, developments, big deals and ICT expenditure across hardware, software, services and telecommunications. The research findings assist ICT service providers to maximise future performance in the government market.

Particular focus is on the government departments that have big ICT budgets and includes spending trends and big deals which are significantly impacting the socio-economic and political environment in the country. We also monitor the effect that the economy is having on IT and telecommunications spend, as well as the  impact of the new infrastructure initiatives in the country on ICT spend. Some of the data we track include:

  • ICT spend in National Government : ICT spend for each  National Departments; top 4 ICT spender total; top 10  ICT spenders
  • ICT spend in Provincial  Government : Detailed  ICT spend, per province and per department; top 4 provincial ICT spends, and their departments;
  • National and provincial department ICT spend driven by major  SIP programs
  • SITA and Non SITA ICT spend : Across all national departments; and Across provincial government and their different departments
  • ICT spend in the major Metroes and Municipalities
  • ICT spend in the major State Owned Enterprises 

Recent clients include:

Department of Public Service and Administration; Dimension Data; Gijima; IBM; Microsoft SA; MTN; National Treasury; Neotel; SITA; Telkom SA; EOH/TSS Managed Services, T-Systems South Africa. 

Public Sector as a client

BMI-T's expertise in the public sector includes both policy advisory services and assistance in the execution of public initiatives, where we specialise in policy, position papers, research, strategic frameworks, implementation plans, as well as multi-country benchmarking. BMI-T also does citizen customer awareness and satisfaction studies, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of key performance indicators at national, provincial and local levels.

In terms of national policy development, BMI-T’s track record is unequalled in South Africa. The company has undertaken and completed extensive policy work in the ICT space for more than 24 years, with BMI-T director Denis Smit going as far back as being a part of the consultative process when the 'Green and White Paper on Telecommunications' was released and resulted in the Telecommunications Amendment Act of 2001. More recently, BMI-T reviewed the telecoms sector for the ICT Green Paper Policy review process. This examined in depth the history, legislation and regulations over the period 1995-2014 and identified key policy directions for the country to consider as a part of the ICT Green Paper process.

In terms of monitoring and evaluation, BMI-T has taken on policy work for the PNC on the e-Readiness Barometer, for the DoC in terms of the International Peer Benchmarking Study on the Cost to Communicate in South Africa project and furthermore, for USAASA on the Gazetting of the Definitions Paper on Universal Service and Access. BMI-T also developed the Gazetted discussion paper on Universal Access and Service Obligations for ICASA as well as the Universal Service and Access Definitions for the DoC. BMI-T has also been involved in advising, evaluating and measuring the under serviced areas in the past for the DoC, ICASA, USAASA and National Treasury. BMI-T was also appointed to USAASA’s Project Management Advisory Panel for 2011.

In terms of Broadband, BMI-T has been researching the broadband market since 1994, publishing an annual African Wireless and Broadband Access Market Report where we have sized the market in terms of connections and revenues as well as doing multiple customised research projects for the major operators and government departments covering this topic. BMI-T also has extensive experience in broadband at provincial, metro and municipal level where we have assisted provinces including KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga, as well as Metro Municipalities including the City of Johannesburg with their broadband strategy. BMI-T also had the visionary thought leadership to host the Digital Cities events from 2006-2009 where we brought out international speakers to share their ideas about government driven broadband initiatives at municipal and city level. In 2008, BMI-T also produced the Digital Communities Handbook which furthered the knowledge and debate about the need for government intervention in broadband in South Africa. In 2013 Denis Smit also served on the panel that finalised the SA Connect Broadband  Policy 

BMI-T has also conducted economic and investment analysis on ICT and Broadband  Infrastructure projects for National and Provincial Governments in South Africa. As mentioned above, the notable examples are the projects undertaken for KwaZulu-Natal in 2009 and the Western Cape in 2011-2012. Both projects involved economic investment analysis on broadband as well as broadband mapping to identify gaps, model rollout and determine the role of the public private sector and SOEs. In 2013 BMI-T did a cost effectiveness of national broadband for National Treasury as well.

The service areas BMI-T focuses on are:

  • Policy, regulatory and market information in the IT, telecommunications and  broadcasting sectors.
  • Impact of policy and regulations on the ICT industry.
  • National, provincial and local government ICT strategy research and advisory services.
  • National, provincial and local broadband.
  • Geographic spatial mapping of key infrastructure.
  • Market gaps and universal service and access.
  • Socio-economic impact of ICT.
  • Position papers and strategic plans.
  • Multi-country ICT benchmarking.
  • Monitoring and evaluating ICT indicators and performance.
  • Citizen awareness and satisfaction.



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