Public Sector Services

BMI-T's Public Sector Expertise Centre's core purpose is to inspire, inform and educate the public sector by offering them strategic support, services and information to enhance their decision making, enabling them to fulfill their mandate to the citizens of their country, and make them globally competitive.

Our key areas of strategic research are in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector where we specialise in policy, position papers, research, strategic frameworks, implimentation plans, as well as multi-country benchmarking. These services also extend to organising events, and stakeholder facilitation, as well as assisting with presentations, compiling and publishing consultative documents. BMI-T also does citizen customer awareness and satisfaction studies, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of key performance indicators at national, provincial and local levels.

BMI-T can source and provide quality information in support of:

  • Policy, regulatory and market information in the IT, telecommunications, broadcasting and financial services
  • National, provincial and local government ICT strategy research and advisory services# Monitoring and evaluating ICT indicators and performance
  • ICT economic and social impact studies
  • Multi-country ICT benchmarking
  • Position papers
  • Citizen and other stakeholder awareness studies
  • Citizen and other stakeholder satisfaction studies

Our experienced consultants and partners can provide advisory services for public sector institutions which include, inter alia:

  • Strategic consulting and facilitation
  • Strategic plans and frameworks
  • Policy and regulation recommendations

On top of our advisory services, we can also offer the following assistance in these areas

  • Stakeholder consultation processes
  • Strategic facilitation and focus groups
  • Events and conferences
  • The service areas BMI-T focuses on are:
  • Governmental and provincial ICT strategies
  • Impact of policy and regulations on the ICT industry
  • Socio-economic impact of ICT# National, provincial and local broadband# Market gaps and universal service and access# Monitoring and evaluating
  • Citizen awareness and satisfaction

Your Advantage

The services we offer are employed to inspire, inform and educate public sector clients, assisting them to become more relevant and proactive. We offer you strategic support, services and information which enhances your planning and decision making, helps you better fulfil your mandate to the citizens of your country, and make our country a more attractive investment destination, and become more globally competitive.

Our Expertise

Our extensive experience includes:

  • Multi-country and regional research for SA, Africa, SADC, and NEPAD# Advising strategic and policy-making units in the DOC, PNC, and USAASA
  • Consulting to regulatory authorities like ICASA and the Botswana Regulatory Authority
  • Monitoring and evaluation performance indicators for departments like USAASA and PNC
  • Advisory services to departments and committees within the DOC, USAASA, PNC, and PIAC
  • Provincial, metro or municipal ICT consulting and advisory services
  • ICT research and consulting for public sector and SOEs like DPSA, DTI, DPE, SITA# Consumer awareness and satisfaction for all government departments


  • An 18 year track record of experience
  • Over 20 leading industry consultants and research analysts covering Africa A dispersed network of highly qualified associates and subcontractors supplements our full-time skills base to create a truly pan-African primary research capability and a global consulting team.
  • International consulting partners are all leaders in their respective fields, allowing BMI-T access to world-class and best practice methodologies that strengthen our quality in all projects we undertake A good understanding of the issues in the ICT
  • Excellent relationships with key government decision makers A large reputable qualitative and quantitative research division BEE company
Case Studies: 

Cost of communications study

The client was the Economic Issues Cluster of government national departments. Information was required on the cost of

Customer satisfaction for Government Agency

The client was a governmental agency tasked with supporting SMMEs from a non-financial point of view.

Provincial Broadband Strategy and Network Plan

The client was the Department of Economic Development (DED) of one of South Africa’s largest provinces.

Provincial ICT market assessment research case study

One of the larger provincial governments required specific research, analysis and assessment of the IT and telecoms sector