SA ICT Spend in National and Provincial Government

BMI-TechKnowledge offers a detailed report covering the big government ICT spenders, sizing and trends analysis for the South African national and provincial government.

  • This PowerPoint publication and Excel workbook is part of the ICT in Government Programme, providing ICT service providers with insight into government trends, developments, big deals and ICT expenditure across hardware, software, services and communications.
  • The study focuses on the government departments that have big ICT budgets and includes spending trends and big deals which are significantly impacting the socio-economic and political environment in the country.
  • It also analyses the influence of policy shifts and recent procurement initiatives, including those related to cost-saving through supplier consolidation, and impacts on eGovernment, and eServices in Health and Education. The big national ICT spenders are considered in detail, namely the Justice Cluster, Home Affairs, and Treasury in National Government, along with spending analysis for provinces and provincial departments.

Research methodology

Secondary research, using a wide variety of resources, including, trade sources, government information and other published South Africa-specific research, including:

  • National Treasury and Statistics SA
  • Information from the SONA and SOPAs
  • Treasury Budget votes, department strategic plans and annual performance plans

Market segmentation

The analysis is segmented by: 

  • ICT spend per service category in National Government, especially the top six spenders.
  • ICT spend per service category, by each Provincial Department and each vote of Provincial Government.
  • Major ICT expenditure per service category, focusing on specific National and Provincial Departments such as education and health.   
  • Communications
  • Computer Services
  • Software

Deliverables and format

The outcomes of the research and analysis will be documented in a rich PowerPoint document with supporting Excel tables, and a workshop/ presentation in the Gauteng region. BMI-TechKnowledge reserves the option to combine this topic with other published topics in the same workshop. The PowerPoint document will include rich narrative, detailed enough to provide all the qualitative insights and interpretation, and will include the market sizing and forecasting.

Research team

The team for this research Penny Smith and Brian Neilson. This team has extensive sector experience in this field, having conducted these studies annually for the past six years.

Further information

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