Industry Expertise


BMI-TechKnowledge telecoms expertise centre is the leading telecoms-focused advisory service in South Africa, with over 20 years of experience in the field, and is in the forefront of new developme


Our services to the IT industry and market include both strategic and tactical information services, and support in the implementation of strategy and marketing initiatives.

Public Sector

BMI-T's expertise in the public sector includes both public sector as an ICT user and public sector as a client for BMI-T.  

Digital Consumer

BMI-TechKnowledge is one of South Africa's leading authorities on the subject of Digital Consumer trends, publishing numerous annual reports, as well as conducting customized research studies for a


BMI-T Spatial Analysis (GIS)

Since 2009, BMI-T has established a core competence in GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and spatial analysis. BMI-T has developed a comprehensive spatial database of points, lines and polygons that define telecommunications infrastructure, users and related data across South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. These datasets have been used in the analysis and presentation of various telecommunications and other service related projects.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

BMI-TechKnowledge uses best of breed quantitative and qualitative methodologies to measure and define customer satisfaction, to understand customer perceptions and expectations as well as internal

Vertical Industries

Not only does BMI-T have extensive experience in the ICT spend in all  Vertical Sectors,  we are fully capable of conducting research in any industry sector as the principles and methodol