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Is an Open Access Wireless Network suitable for South Africa?

The idea of establishing a new open access wholesale-only wireless network (OAWN) has received significant attention in South Africa.

Global Telecoms Megatrends

A periodic review of global telecoms insights and trends.

The IMT Roadmap - paving the way for future telecommunications services

What is the IMT Roadmap and what does it mean for the South African telecommunications sector? BMI-TechKnowledge Director Tim Parle explains.

Update on fibre deployments in South Africa & drivers and inhibitors

You can view and download the ‘Update on fibre deployments in South Africa & drivers and inhibitors’ document 

Wi-Fi 2.0 Global and South African Market Impact

Wi-Fi was initially conceived as a wireless alternative for the modest office network.

Open-access wholesale mobile networks not necessarily panacea

Open-access wholesale mobile networks can’t guarantee success

Wholesale-only network operators may contribute to ensuring and maintaining an effectively competitive, innovation-friendly mar

Does cloud make rain?

With all the hype and attempts at defining what cloud is (and isn’t), and how big it is, one might be forgiven for letting out a stifled groan. It is much more than hype, though. While cloud uptake may be falling behind vendor expectations, it is taking the world – and South Africa – by stealth if not by storm.

USO : A new tipping point?

In the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell demonstrated how fines that are set too low create the wrong behaviour; only if they

Coordinated ICT is effective ICT

Government is spending billions on ICT at national and provincial level, but in order to assure the most effective use of

Wholesale services: Telecommunications

The role of wholesale services in the telecommunications sector lies at the heart of the NBN (New Broadband Network)

Lessons from South of the Border

On March 11, 2013 Mexico’s new President announced a fundamental and sweeping set of reforms in the

A Spectrum Management Agency for SA

The Department of Communications (DOC) proposes in an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, 2005 (ECA