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Open-access wireless: tread carefully, SA

Convergence Partners’ recently published research report, “Let My People Go (Online)”, summarised in this piece on

Which way for Huawei? To ban or not to ban

Australia is the latest country following the U.S. and India to ban Huawei from bidding to supply equipment to networks

Local Loop Unbundling and the Access Line Deficit

ICASA has called the prospects for introducing local loop unbundling obligations on Telkom into question on the grounds tha

Instant communication is a powerful as it is competitive.

With the news that Table Mountain had been preliminarily announced as one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the world, we

TD-LTE: An Opportunity for South Africa?

TD-LTE – the unpaired version of the future dominant mobile broadband technology LTE – is poised to become the first time

Size Matters – and Small is Exciting

The advent of small cell architectures for mobile networks will be driven by the demand for more capacity that cannot be met

Open Access LTE Network: Intriguing but not without Pitfalls

There are arguments with a significant economic and operational basis to justify interest in the idea of national wholesale

Mobile Data Traffic Volumes: Bubble or Tsunami?

The GSM Association has just released an independent report commissioned from Analysys Mason which found that spectrum

Mobile Network Sharing: Benefits and Pitfalls

Kindergarteners at pre-school and siblings at home are often encouraged to share as part of the process of socialization. In

Indian mobile operators in Africa

As expected Indian companies moving into Africa are trying to export the very low cost business models they have developed to operate

CDMA and EV-DO – Not Dead Yet

Although most publicity and headline grabbing stories in the mobile sector have focused on LTE versus WiMAX and the growth of