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4G or 4Gery – A Plea for More Honesty about Mobile Performance

The use of the term “4G” by Cell C to describe its 900 MHz HSPA+ network has come in for considerable criticism in South Africa, not

The Spectrum Is Not Enough

No, this article is not about a new James Bond movie (see “The World Is Not Enough”) protecting the world from the

The Transition to Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

The world is moving from analog to digital broadcasting in order to exploit the latter’s advantages in terms of capacity

Lessons from the Kindergarten and Unpaired Spectrum

Some readers may remember (I do) being exhorted at kindergarten to share toys with our fellow tots. This urging is part of

Spectrum Policy in South Africa – Necessary But Far from Sufficient

The various reactions to ICASA’s cancellation of the Invitations to Application (ITA) for spectrum

Voice and LTE – What’s An Operator to Do?

LTE networks are being launched in some countries, while in others bid documents for spectrum in which LTE networks are to

The World Cup and the State of Geopolitics

The World Cup tournament held in South Africa is a truly global competition, unlike the annual misnamed “World Series”

Refarming 900 MHz – Issues of Regulation, Competition, and Technology

Momentum is growing, fueled by rapidly rising demands for mobile broadband services, for exploiting existing 2G

South Africa Goes Its Own Way at 2.6GHz

ICASA has now finally announced or confirmed its spectrum plans for the 2.6GHz band in which four licenses of 30MHz will be

What lessons should South Africa draw from recent and ongoing foreign spectrum auctions?

South Africa and many other countries should pay attention to several new issues of spectrum management policy and action plans that

The Boom in Mobile Data Usage – A Double-edged Sword

The widely reported concerns and complaints about congestion in broadband mobile networks in some countries illustrate the

Mobile Telecommunications in India and Africa - Contrasts and Congruences



Indian interest and investment in the telecommunications sector in Africa have become very visible and are on the rise.